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September 2019

Marlon is a joyful 9-year-old boy who, at the beginning of his time at the Oasis of Grace Ministry (January 2018), was rebellious in class and sometimes aggressive toward other children. He would joke around a lot, but then get angry easily. He was also struggling academically—he was a technically in the third grade but still didn’t know how to read.

Major Strides

Thanks to God, Marlon has made major progress in his short time at Oasis! Marlon’s attitude in class and his interactions with his fellow students are very much improved. With personalized attention from Oasis staff, he has focused his efforts on learning how to read and is now able to! He says with pride that, “Now I know how to read.” The staff at Oasis is encouraged by his progress and plans to continue working with him to encourage even more development. When he grows up, Marlon wants to be an engineer. In his free time, he likes to walk in the park. Check out the rest of Marlon’s favorite things, and join us in praying for him!