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January 2020

January (9 yrs.) started attending Oasis de la Gracia ministry in 2017. Like many kids, her hyperactivity can distract her and inhibit her ability to be disciplined. However, with the support of the Oasis staff and her own dedication, January has made significant progress.

Specifically, 2019 was a big year for her. Her academic goal for the year was to read better. At the beginning of 2019, Oasis’ staff noticed she in fact had fallen behind so much in reading that she was unable to follow along both with lessons at Oasis and public school classes. After 4-5 months of focused reading interventions with a few other students, she was back on track and able to follow along with all lessons at Oasis and public school. We were delighted to see her in November during Bible class as she sang along with the hymn book and read the weekly memory verse with confidence!

We praise God for January, for her teachers at Oasis, and for equipping her to achieve her goal. Check out her favorite things, and join us as we pray that January and her family would continue to be blessed by their participation in this ministry.