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Thank you for all your prayers and support of Oasis de la Gracia, the before-and-after-school program in Diriamba, Nicaragua. We are so thankful for God’s continued provision of such a dedicated staff. After three years in place, the program is bearing spiritual and academic fruit. As an example of this, we are delighted to share the following update from Pastor Ramon (he and his wife are pictured above) from last October:

Dear brothers in Christ,

We would like to share with you what happened last week. On Wednesday, October 25th, during Bible class at Oasis, after the teachers finished the lesson, they began to talk to the kids personally. Four of the students who seemed very serious, approached the teachers to tell them that they wanted to accept Christ into their hearts. The teachers, who wanted to be sure that they understood, continued to explain what it means to accept Jesus. But they stayed firm in their decision. That day they all prayed and asked Jesus into their hearts. Afterward, they all publicly declared that they had received Jesus. During the classes on Sunday, I had them all go forward in the service and I asked them again what decision they had made that week. They all, with confidence, repeated what they declared in the school, “We accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior!” The names and ages of these children are Eleazar Bermúdez (9), Erwin Gonzales (9), José Sanchéz (12), and Walter Palacios (9).

Your brother in Christ,


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