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December 5th – 8th, David Sahl, Chris Chessher, and Samantha Lingamfelter (President, Vice President, and Program Administrator) of 18ten Ministries travelled to Diriamba, Nicaragua to visit the Oasis de la Gracia ministry and discuss the first steps to transition the before/after school program into an official school.

Our visit to Oasis of Grace’s newly built church in El Bosque. From left: David Sahl (18ten), Pastor Tyler Green (Ohio), Cliff Bown (Ohio), Jason Rogers (Nicaragua), Chris Chessher (18ten), Pastor Junior (Nicaragua)

Meeting up with the 18ten team were Pastor Tyler Green and Cliff Bown from Lindenwald Baptist Church, brothers in Christ from Ohio who have also been supporting Oasis and our mutual vision for the school transition. Cliff used his experience in construction to design the future Oasis of Grace Christian Academy. Jason and Tammy Rogers, our long-time missionary friends who planted and now oversee Oasis of Grace Baptist Church in Diriamba (our partner church), served as the team’s hosts while in Nicaragua.

Meetings with Oasis de la Gracia Staff

Though just two full days in-country, the crew made the most of the time allotted. Multiple meetings were held with the Oasis staff to discuss the school’s mission and what they believe will be required to accomplish it. Please join us in praying for Jason, Tammy, and the entire Oasis de la Gracia staff who will be working diligently over the next couple months to craft an official mission statement and other important founding documents for the school.

Jason translating for the team

We are incredibly thankful for the leadership role Jason and Tammy are taking in overseeing this transition with Ramon, Pedro, and the rest of the Oasis staff. We trust they will do an outstanding job as they have ample experience founding churches in the region over the past 17 years. To read more about Jason and Tammy’s ministry in Nicaragua, please visit their Facebook page here.

Meeting with 18ten’s Lawyer (pictured above)

Meeting with 18ten’s local Nicaraguan lawyer provided us with an important piece of the puzzle. As someone who has extensive experience working for many private schools and non-profits in

Welcome to the site of the future Oasis of Grace Christian Academy!

Nicaragua, he reassured us that founding such a school is absolutely achievable in this area. He also educated us on the following steps necessary for the foundation of a new school:

1) Receive building permit from the city;
2) Build the school; and
3) Receive school permit from the local department of education.

Please join us in praying for God’s perfect timing and guidance to achieve each of these.

Surveying Property of Oasis of Grace Christian Academy

The team also made multiple visits to the property that has already

Cliff (a.k.a. Santa Cliff) discussing his vision for the Oasis school with Dave and Chris.

been purchased for the future Oasis of Grace Christian school. Everyone enjoyed reviewing Cliff’s plans and picturing how they would look on the actual property. Earlier this year, Cliff collaborated with Chuy and Junior (pastor and member of El Bosque church) to carry out the construction for their new church, a project their team was able to complete in just three months. We feel blessed to have them on our team and are confident in their expertise in construction projects in the area.

Expectations for School Launch

Lord willing, we expect to obtain the building permit by February 2019, which will allow us to break ground in the spring. Once a building is constructed, the Oasis team will start the process of applying for accreditation from the Nicaraguan department of education in order to open as an approved private school in February of 2020. We invite you to pray with us for wisdom and favor for this ministry to go according to God’s perfect plan.

Additional Information:
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Tour of the current Oasis ministry location:

Tour of the grounds of the future Oasis of Grace Christian Academy:

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