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On February 1, 2018, a prominent Nicaraguan newspaper known as La Prensa (“The Press”) published an article detailing recent adjustments the legislature made to teacher salaries. Previously, the minimum ranged between $265 and $272, and with this recent adjustment, ranges between $276 and $300, depending on the grade level and specializations of the teacher. Though it can be said that a small increase is technically better than none, La Prensa exposed that the 8% raise only accounts for “inflation and recent economic growth in Nicaragua,” but is still well under the basic monthly cost of living. Nicaragua’s National Institute of Information on Development released in October 2017 that the basic cost of living for one household is $431/month, which means the lowest-paid teachers in Nicaragua cannot even afford the basics. This is just one example of a developing country’s broken system: The government is failing to provide adequate pay to the people equipping its future workforce, something for which we can all be praying will change in Nicaragua and across Central America.


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