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October 2018

Benjamín (8 yrs.) is a very respectful young boy. He loves playing hide and seek as well as tag, and would love to travel to Mexico one day. His academic goal is to get an A+ average in one of his classes, and would like to be a pastor or Christian singer, which explains why he most admires JCR Amaury, a Christian singer from the Dominican Republic. He memorizes scripture quickly and enjoys Bible class at Oasis!

Unfortunately, Benjamín misses a lot of regular school hours and hasn’t been at Oasis for a couple of weeks. Please pray with us that he returns to Oasis, and that the plan that was discussed between Benjamín, his family, and the Oasis staff to improve his attendance and performance in school would be effective.

Get to know Benjamín better by reading about his favorite things!

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