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August 2018

Back in May, we shared a list of six children who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at Oasis. Sharick Javiera Sánchez Rodriguez (10) was one of them, and so it is with great joy that we introduce her to you!

Sharick is a quiet young girl. She loves riding bikes and would like to become a doctor. The person who has had the greatest impact on her life is her Aunt Maritza. Over the course of her time at Oasis, Sharick’s teachers have noticed an enormous improvement in her initiative in turning in assignments and seeking out help when she needs it. Sharick’s goal for this year is to pass all her classes. Her greatest challenge at Oasis is that she can become easily frustrated by unexpected circumstances. However, her teachers are able to help her overcome her frustrations and move forward in a positive way. We are so thankful for how God is moving in Sharick’s life, and trust you will continue praying for her!